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WOW have you seen the new Johnathan Kayne Collection?    Or the New body shapers? Scroll down for full Store Index Links

Spanx only allows us to sell from our physical store in the Skipperville sorry :)

Want to look younger? Find out how to really make the statement "Like Mother Like Daughter"

 Pageants and Prom to Weddings & Sunday Best we have shoes, socks & tights, Rhinestones, Lace, Appliqués, Fox Fur, Heirloom Dresses, Hollywood Babes, Superstretch, Chiffon, Beaded Rochelle Fringe & Rhinestone Banding, Breast Enhancers, & Other Pageant Supplies that you may need to make you own pageant dress or visit the Custom section to find out how we can make you the perfect national pageant dress.  Don't forget we have boys and mens tuxedo shoes too!

And after a year of testing products, we now have solutions to the most stubborn health & beauty flurries! From weight loss to wrinkle removal, to acne and weak nails, be sure to check out the new page.

Superstretch 45" is $18 yard in white, $25 in factory colors and custom dyeing is available



Swimsuit material 60" is $15 yd white, custom dyeing is available


Chiffon 45" $6 yard in white, custom dyeing is available


Batiste 45" $6 yard soft cotton we use for lining skirts.  


Fabric Fusion $10.50

Dry-cleanable & Washable


  Weight Loss & Body Reshaping solutions for every budget. Rather you have a few pounds to lose, restore your muscle loss or want to tighten and tone before it becomes and issue.


Oh no! is it a break out or the most cosmetically dreaded teen issue aside from weight. 100% Guaranteed or your money back!
Occasional Blemishes or Full  4 Step Acne System:
Blemishes 12.95
4 Step Acne System 119.95

Misc priced at $1.00 per unit, please use this for adding die fee to your order or other misc items I may have priced you.  Example - Labor is $10, enter a Qty of 10.




Bows- Cabochons - Seedbeads -Pearls  

Breast Enhancers

Fox Fur Gifts

Heirloom Dresses

Hollywood Babe Dresses

Shoes- Children

Shoes-Ladies Dyeable

Shoes-Ladies Clear

Fancy Rhinestones

Round Rhinestones


Rhinestone Banding, Fringe, Shranks $ Pins