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Beauty Secrets Reveled!
Like Mother Like Daughter

For those after the PERFECT Pageant body or just MOM wanting a treat, check out our FABULOUS items below.  These are all 100% Guaranteed or your money back! There is a secret behind each of these known as ageLOC.  It identifies, targets and resets the actual genes that cause aging and the like.

For more information on any of these fabulous products and systems please call me or email.  We have been testing these products for over a year now before bringing them to you here so I can say we stand behind the company and the products 100%.  Wholesale accounts are also available. You have seen the way concierge tanning and nail services has taken off at pageants ~ now you can pamper Mom too!
1-334-774-7693  or 

Ladies this is the ONE 10 Minute treatment, right in your own home!

OK, you lost weight, you gained weight or just have some flab.. Just a couple or three 5 minute treatments and you will LOOK GREAT!

You have NOTHING to lose but the blemishes as it is 100% guaranteed!

Occasional Blemishes or Full 4 Step Acne System:
Blemishes 12.95
4 Step Acne System 119.95

Talk about a slim up and she is slim but look at those legs now!

And look at this one, cellulite no more!

Sorry the pic is not more clear but can you see the lashes? NO it's not Latisse, and the price is FRACTIONAL - no burn no sting no color. This was only using one time a day for almost a week until people started asking me why I didn't have lashes on the other eye :).

Eye Solutions:
Longer/Thicker Lashes 29.95
Instant Wrinkle Remover 64.95

Are you Slim n Trim but Pinch an Inch, then you have body fat to lose. Perhaps you would like to lose some weight. Ask me how I lost over 30# even with thyroid and diabetes issues!


Try one or Call for your FREE consultation and get 20% off

Protein Smoothie 30 Serv 39.95
Natural Hunger Control 30 Days 89.95
Hunger Control in the Mix 30 Ser 99.95
Everything I used 30 Days 449.95

YES it's real, and even better, it's the same product! Restore your bikini look in 15 min! Use it on your tummy, your tush, your arms, or legs, anywhere you have cellulite, scars, uneven tone, flabby skin ect and it can be used over and over and over again!